The Checks in the Mail

In the past few weeks, lots of green checks have been showing up in mailboxes across the country. Some are labeled as from "Rust Consulting." Others say they are from the "Independent Foreclosure Review."  Most are for $300, some are much more.

It's natural to think this must be a scam--it's not often that money shows up unexpectedly in your mailbox.  But these checks are actually legitimate. The federal government entered into a settlement with some of the biggest mortgage lenders to compensate people whose homes were in any state of the foreclosure process in 2009 or 2010, or whose mortgage were serviced by these big lenders.  

That check you've received is your piece of the settlement.  The minimum amount paid is $300. So even though there were some initial troubles with checks bouncing, go ahead and deposit that check--it's yours.

Wonder if you'll qualify for a check? Call the payment agent, Rust Consulting, at 1-866-952-9105 to check.